Meet Mia

Mia Anthony (she/her)

Mia is an experienced counsellor working with a wide range of youth to adults. She utilizes her past career as a highschool and elementary school teacher as well her 8 years as an athletic coach to help inform her current work. Mia’s clients have described her as trustworthy, loving, patient, funny, and present. She is passionate about the well-being of people and strives to support and normalize mental health.

Mia considers it an honour to be able to walk alongside her clients through their challenges, fears, and hurt. She believes building a counselling relationship on safety and trust will help her clients feel accepted and to then be challenged to grow in meaningful ways. Mia understands that there can be a power differentiation in the counselling relationship; she actively works so that her clients feel secure in a non-judgemental and equal environment where her clients have a voice in their healing. In order to provide safe and skillful counselling, Mia uses evidence-based practices aimed at empowering her clients, but acknowledges that she has been educated in a Western culture and tailors her approach to each person’s needs and strengths.

Having taught for seven years and organizing several events for guest speakers, Mia understands the need and movement of bringing topics of mental health into the school system. Through her workshops, Mia brings practical and thought-provoking information and exercises


I have always wondered what makes a person tick and have been drawn to the field of psychology for a long time. I became a teacher because I love education and the idea that I could be a stable and supportive adult in children’s lives. I eventually had a large number of students coming to me with their personal issues and I started to wrestle with my own questions of living a meaningful life. I decided to pursue my life-long curiosity of counselling and psychology and informed my boss that I would not be coming back the following year. One of the best decisions I have ever made!

I like to joke around. I think providing space for laughter and celebration is just as important as allowing space for hurt and fear.
I believe us being a good fit is an essential part of the work we will do together, so feel free to ask lots of questions. There might be times that you don’t like me or feel disconnected, and I gently encourage you to bring those moments up with me.
I also think there is an idea that counselling is advice giving. Only on the rarest occasions will I give advice; I’m here to help you find and speak your own voice.

Phew! That list would be long. So here are my top 3:

  1. Sports! Especially team sports. Playing, watching coaching – love it! I am currently into playing basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. I also ride motorcycles and love my Kawasaki Z650!
  2. Eating and cooking food … especially eating. Being half Chinese-Filipino, my family showed love through food so food has always been a way for me to bond with others. Plus, I love the creativity of cooking.
  3. Learning about science, especially astronomy and biology. I have an intense curiosity about how things work and I find there’s something spiritual about connecting patterns found on Earth to patterns in the universe.

I identify as a queer cisgender woman. I am bi-racial (Chinese-Filipino and Scottish) and a first generation Canadian. I am spiritual and was raised in the Catholic school system. Feel free to ask me questions about my identity and how that might impact our work!

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